Thursday, April 13, 2006


Remember those college days when I was just soooo tired? Yeah, I didn't know what tired was then!

I don't know why I am so out of it lately. Other than six kids and the regular household stuff...half that stuff is going undone right now because I just don't have any energy these days.

I have stopped giving Kelli a nap. That has helped with the crawling into my bed at 5:30 each morning. I would tell her to "go nigh-nigh" and she would emphatically say "I did!" So without a nap she sleeps till 7. But this week the baby has decided that he needs to snack around 5:30 each morning. He promptly falls back to sleep...wish I could. Then the dog starts barking and Trey decides he needs to check the weather on the computer.

So good morning world!

On another note, Emma was doing her preschool homework Monday afternoon with scissors and decided to cut her hair--again! This time she did some little bangs. Of course she is on "scissor restriction" meaning no scissors at home. The thing is...the bangs look really cute on her. She has this nasty cowlick in the very front so I would never have thought of giving her bangs, but I really like them.

I have Emma's preschool conference this morning. It will be time to hear what a smarty pants she is. It's one of those futuile activities. Do I really need to go? No, I know how amazingly ready for kindergarten she is. I find her trying to sound out words. She knows her numbers and how to count. She is constantly writing and asking me how to spell word after word. But if you don't go to your kid's preschool conference, what kind of mother are you anyway?! So dutifully and guiltily I will go...

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pregnancyweekly said...

Wow I'm glad the cutting the own hair turned out to be a good thing!!