Tuesday, August 04, 2009

crazy days

Life goes fast. I gave up blogging in favor of sleep this past spring. Working nights and running my household during the day was enough. My afternoon break time was used for being horizontal! But I do miss have a place to put some thoughts.

As for our chickens, they taught us all a big lesson in responsibility in May. I got up for church one Sunday morning exhausted. The kids were watching TV and hanging out waiting for D and I like always. We came home and I fell into bed for a nap. I was getting ready to go on a walk around 4 in the afternoon and realized the chicks had never been let out of their little house. They also still had a heating lamp on in there with them.

They didn't make it. They suffocated I guess or died of heatstroke. I felt really responsible, but had to remind myself that even Jack E is capable of letting them out, but no one would do it if I didn't remind them.

Very disappointing, but a good reminder that we all have to take more responsibility.

Life and laundry are calling!

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