Sunday, April 15, 2007


My kids are weird. I know that and I've made my peace with it, but sometimes I am just struck again by how "not normal" they are.

Tonight for dinner D steamed 4 big artichokes. Kelli and Jack, really all 6 of the kids, LOVED them. At first I thought Kelli was just enjoying something to dip in melted butter and mayo. Then she was eating the leaves plain! And she and Jack both had a ton of the hearts.

We've all heard of kids who have to have a special meal prepared for them. They will only eat a certain brand of chicken nugget every night for dinner. Those are not MY children! Last summer it was just funny to see that Jack adored eggplant. He would eat anything with eggplant in it. We had great fresh organic eggplants from our CSA...and Jack and I ate a TON of them!

I really do love having kids who eat what we eat. I just am sometimes surprised by the diversity of their palates.

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