Saturday, December 09, 2006

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Today we are going to get a tree! We are doing the tromp through the forest and chop it down yourself thing. This should be interesting!

I cannot believe how busy life is these days. Working is good, but I sooo miss the days of being a total SAHM. Ah, the luxury of sitting on the couch in the afternoon watching TV. Yes, I did that yesterday, but there were about a dozen things I should have been doing instead.

Just came back from my WW meeting. Yep, another thing I added to my plate this season. I figured if I didn't do this now, I wouldn't fit into any of my clothes by New Years! The scale hadn't dropped as much as I would have liked today. But my face looks thinner! I can just gaze at my face and imagine a skinny body underneath it.

Well, D's alarm has been beeping for the past 5 minutes. Maybe I should check on that! LOL

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